Dokinachole Project Background

After conduction the first of tanshir Group, the experienced management team realized the importance of initial plan for a real estate project and thus, the workorder of the project of Dokhinachal master plan has forward to the consultant. Besides, the size of 3485.48 acre by individual ezpert is difficult to handle and need a group of experts for contribution

It is obvious for a project like this the traditional purchase and design method will not be significantly useful and become for the following areas:

? Detail understanding of the site and layout
? Details of amenities and facilities
? What is business actually the firm is aimed for
? How the firm will progress
? What will be approach of the different departments?
? What areas the firm will need to set target and how they will meet the target?
? What actual area they have to purchase and sale?
? How the firm will improve their skill in terms of technical and analytical skills?

Project orientation and Field Inspection

A number of meetings in the TanshirGroup have held with the consultants to understand the project and the vision of the Tanshir Group from 6 june to 22 june,2011. A field inspection has been conducted during 10 June to understand the site.

The Study Area

The study area is located at Hasara Union (including Alampur, Hasara and Laskarpur Mouzas) in Sreenagar thana of Munshiganj District. A brief of the site location and project shape has been shown in below:


Sreenagar thana at Munshiganj District

Distance from Dhaka


Distance from Motijheel


Distance from Padma Multipurpose Bridge


Filling Height

6~7 metter

Water Level in Monsoon

6.5 metter

Source: Feasibility Study and Land price Analysis for Real Estate Development Project at Sreenagar Thana, TanshirGroup 2010