Education Year: January to December

Admission starts from 1st of November

Class starts from 1st of January



Class: Play/Nursery

Monthly Fee:                325/=

Session Fee:              1150/=

Admission Fee:          2600/=


Class: One - Two

Monthly Fee:                350/=

Session Fee:              1200/=

Admission Fee:          2700/=


Class: Three-Five

Monthly Fee:                375/=

Session Fee:              1450/=

Admission Fee:          2900/=


Class: Six - Eight

Monthly Fee:                400/=

Session Fee:              1550/=

Admission Fee:          3000/=


Age Limitation in Admission


Class:                           Age Limit

Play :                           4-5 years

Nursery:                      5-6 years

Standard One:           6-7 years

Standard Two:           7-8 years

Standard Three:        8-9 years

Standard Four:          9-10 years

Standard Five:           10-11 years

Admission form and prospectus may be obtained from the office with one hundred taka.


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