Initiatives have been taken to introduce computer education in each class fully compatible with their status so that students can utilize all the modern means of communication across the globe and become thereby efficient men power of future days.


Multilingual training

All the original sources of Islam are written in Arabic. Without mastering this language no body will be able to understand and explain the Quran, Sunnah and other authoritative texts of Islam. On the other hand by the course of time English occupied the place of lingua franca of the modern world. Books on almost all branches of knowledge are available in this language. Moreover all the philosophical, ideological and political doctrines are spread via this language. None can dare to face the challenges of intellectual deviation of the past four centuries unless he is well versed in English. Keeping these facts in mind Tanshirul Islam Cadet Madrasah has taken the initiative to train its students in Arabic and English along with Bangla.   


Residential Facilities:

Tanshirul Islam Cadet Madrasah provides residential facilities as well. At present there are twenty two students who take our residential facilities, while it can support upto thirty students. 

Residential Cost (including rent, food and tution fee) : Three Thousand and One Hundred Taka (3,100/=) per month for each student.

Vehicle Facilities:

For non residential students the Madrasah provides vehicle facilities.

Vehicle Cost:

Van: 300/= to 500/= (depending on the distance)

Micro (yet to be launched): 800/= to 1200/=  (depending on the distance)


Cultural Programme:

As a part of entertainment and opportunity of expressing the hidden genius of the students Tanshirul Islam Cadet Madrasah frequently organises different cultural programmes like the Quran Recitation, Speech, Azaan and Poem Recitation etc.