Tanshirul Islam Cadet Madrasah


"We have revealed this Book upon you as the description and explanation of everything, guidance, mercy and good news for those who are obedient to Allah" - (An Nahl 89). The Quran is, in fact, the chief source of knowledge and wisdom. It is knowledge that can enlighten the mind of human being. But, of course, that knowledge must not be inconsistent with the revealed texts. The same knowledge, if destined to material improvement only, can be a curse to greater humanity. That is why Dr. Iqbal says that if knowledge is acquired for material benefit only, it becomes a venomous snake, but, if chosen for spiritual improvement as well, it turns into the best friend of yours.

The word “madrasah” literally means a place of study. In Islam the first commandment was “Read in the name of your Lord who has created” (Al Alaq 1). From that day study and research have been a part and parcel of Islam. Unlike the western materialistic civilisation Islam does not draw any demarcation line between earthly and spiritual affairs. Here one has to prove his spiritual purity by abiding by the laws and commandments ordained by the Almighty and His Messenger in every walk of earthly life. Madrasah was the centre of study where both earthly and spiritual knowledge met together. But unfortunately enough, since the inception of western colonial occupation, education in Muslim countries split into two; secular and spiritual.  The secular centres became known as schools, and the spiritual ones as madrasahs. The conflict of curriculum, objective and ideology between these two learning centres is clearly visible. The experience is a bit more unpleasant in the Sub-continent.

Tanshirul Islam Education Foundation believes that change is not possible over night. It further believes that the hope of assimilation of all the major streams of education in to a single one without changing the overall state education policy. And therefore it has chosen the cadet system to combine both traditional and modern education.

Tanshirul Islam Cadet Madrasah (situated at Joypara, Dohar,Dhaka) is the prime institution of the Foundation through which it launched its formal journey on the 1st of January, 2005. The Madrasah is unique of its kind because of its wonderful combination of revelation and reason, tradition and progress and, matter and spirit. At present the Madrasah provides quality education up to standard V. Since its inception the Madrasah has been able to prove its excellence through ensuring scholarships at different levels.