Selection Criteria

Selection Criteria

Selection Criteria for Scholarship of Tanshirul Islam Islamic Foundation

The applicants for scholarship at their respective levels must comply with the following requirements:

  • The applicant must be poor, meritorious and of high morality

  • He/she must be honest and patriot

  • After every examination he/she must must have to submit a statement of progress by a teache of concerned class

  • His/her progress in education must be satisfactory

  • His/her success must continue in the subsequent results as well; other the scholarship will be subject to cancellation

  • He/she must be determined to continue his/her study up to the highest level

  • In practical life he/she must follow the guidance of Islam

  • Five students will be selected for scholarship from each class of six, seven and nine

  • Final decision making power shall be reserved in the hands of the Foundation Authority