When a seed is being sowed in earth, it grows with a new hope, expectation and gradually become huge through proper gardening and formal maintaining process. Definitely, both the tree planter and the tree work for mankind. Tanshir Group started journey with such a hope of green life and something extraordinary for the people of Bangladesh. We believe in our human resources and loving capabilities that is still rare and made us extraordinary in the World community.

At first, we decided to start it from the society itself and established Tanshir Foundation in 2006. After that Tanshir Properties Ltd was established as a professional Real Estate & Developing company supported by Tanshir group in 2008. In recent Global environmental analysis has mentioned that Dhaka is one of the most polluted cities around the Globe. The analysis was defined under few causes like unplanned urban infrastructure, water pollution, air pollution etc. Getting ourselves prepare for the twenty first century and enhance residential and commercial facilities to our people, we launched our first project Tanshir City. After that Tanshir Green City, Padma Lake City was launched in 2009. We founded Tanshir Developers Ltd and Dakhinachal projects later and they both came in a continuous process in 2010.

In 2012 we formed Tanshir Softech Ltd and Tanshir Trading Ltd. As because we firmy believe that Bangladesh has massive possibilities in the field of Engineering and Technology.
We believe in honesty, dedication and commitment. We do business not for commercial purposes only. It means, in order to provide best service, best quality and best prices for the middle class and semi middle class inhabitants of the country; we have established a reliable business network in the capital. We always try to provide our country men the most useful needs and fundamental solution in very reliable way and this is our motto to introduce our loving Bangladesh all over the world.